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  •  Certification MRO Contract Review Assistance 

  •  Assistance in Responding to RFP’s/RFQ’s,      Solicitations; Government or Commercial 

  •  Assistance in Creating Agreements or Contracts  with Customers 

  •  Confidential Intervention: Working with  you, the  customer, and/or the Regulator in  addressing  critical issues. This includes but is  not limited to:  Responses, Investigations, Self-  Disclosures, and  Corrective Actions 

  •  FAA Part 145 New Repair Station Startup 

  •  EASA Approval for Repair Stations 

  •  Technical Writing: Processes and Procedures  compliant to Regulations, Standards, or your  own desired process 

  •  Project Management: Management of  your project to be on time and in budget.

  •  Aviation and Process related Training 


Experienced Aviation Professional with an extensive background in military aviation maintenance, component MRO, technical sales to military, commercial airlines, regional operators, and business jet operators.

The vision of Semper air consulting is to bring your project to full success, whether its reaching that one customer or developing a full scale repair facility, Semper Air Consulting will ALWAYS support your projects. 



With 26 years of aviation experience in both commercial and military environments, providing solutions for your every day needs and long term projects. Mission accomplishment is my passion for your success.  

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